British Designed from real life experience of nail varnish accidents around the home from both adults, teenagers and kids.

The nailzee is a unique, dual purpose product to help prevent surface damage from nail polish remover or when trying to remove gels/acrylics.

The clever bottle holder which fits most shape nail varnish bottles, helps to hold the bottles steady so anyone who normally struggles to paint nails with shaky hands or no where to place the bottle, now finds painting nails so much easier. It also offers somewhere to file nails without ruining carpet, floors and other surfaces.

Try one and see, especially helpful during the pandemic and to have handy for any future use should nail salons have to close again. nailzee can provide a great activity for mums and daughters and use over the Easter/Summer holidays with nail art kits. It also makes a perfect gift all year around for any occasion and are gender friendly as well as recyclable with other household plastic items… not that we think you will be unhappy with your nailzee and want to throw it away.

What Our Customers Say

“The hand tray from nailzee is so comfy to use. it has a holder for your nail polish too.”

“It’s a stand for you to paint your nails and it holds your nail polish too so no more mess. I for one always manage to get nail polish somewhere”

“Tonight I tried the nailzee… wow it’s brill, so easy to paint my nails now with no spills.”

Paint Without Spills…

Clip, cut, file, wash then paint

Double sided use

Left & right hand comfort

Reduces risk of surface damage

Use to remove polish and place dirty cotton pads, collect clippings from nail files or scissors. Compact and light and easy to use anywhere around the home.

Use as a base to apply gels or nail art at home. Extra accessories available.

Use between salon visits to file or repair broken nails with nail glue, top up or remove polish and for all round manicure care. You can also use the underside of your nailzee to neatly store your nail accessories. Light and compact, easy to store away and does not take up much room

The removable bottle Insert helps to hold various shape bottles in place and steady. This means your hands are free to paint your nails, instead of holding the bottles and worrying about spillage. You can also purchase the bottle holders separately, as we wanted to ensure you do not have to worry about smudging those pretty painted nails. So you can simply switch and interchange and have your bottles with base or top coats ready in them.

Use on your lap when watching TV, on a table or around the home to reduce risk of damage to surfaces including beds, laptops, sofas and carpets.

Pedicure Without Spills

Award Winning…

We are so proud to announce that both our nailzee hand and foot each won this prestigious award, from a competition highly renowned in the beauty industry. Voted for completely independently having been tried and tested by the judges, so how amazing that nailzee is now also loved by the beauty experts! Have you got yours? Hurry, whilst stock lasts. Both nailzee and packaging are recyclable.

* Please do not use any strong or abrasive substances to try remove nail polish or clean your nailzee, as this will cause damage! Simply rinse with warm water and remember the purpose of nailzee is to have nail polish on it instead of your surfaces!