Our nailzee® HandFoot bundle is designed for all-round Manicure and Pedicure nail care and as a manicure Foot rest!

  • Use the top sides to paint your finger and toe nails in comfort with the knowledge that the varnish is kept securely in place
  • Reduce the risk of spillage and damage to surfaces
  • Insert the nailzee® Foot bar to raise the angle and make it more comfortable for you
  • Removable bottle holder can be used on its own
  • Double sided so flip over and use to remove nail polish then file, clip or cut your nails
  • When you are finished just quickly run under a tap and let it dry, ready for your next manicure
Bundle Colours

Pink Hand & Pink Foot, Pink Hand & Aqua Foot, Pink Hand & Grey Foot, Aqua Hand & Pink Foot, Aqua Hand & Aqua Foot, Aqua Hand & Grey Foot, Grey Hand & Pink Foot, Grey Hand & Aqua Foot, Grey Hand & Grey Foot


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