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Our nailzee® Foot is designed for all-round Pedicure toenail care and as a manicure Foot rest!

  • Use the top side to paint your toenails in comfort with the knowledge that the nail varnish is kept securely in place
  • Reduces the risk of spillage and damage to surfaces
  • Insert the bar to raise the angle and make it more comfortable for you
  • Removable bottle holder can be used on its own
  • It’s double sided so flip it over and use it to remove nail polish then file, clip or cut your nails
  • When you are finished just quickly run it under a tap and let it dry, ready for your next manicure

Pink, Aqua, Grey

2 reviews for nailzee® Foot

  1. Sasha

    I’ve had this product for a few weeks now, fully tested it out and I love it! Makes it so much easier to do your own feet, no need to hold the bottle whilst painting and mess free!

  2. Sasha

    In love with this, recommended it to my friends and family, so much easier to do your own feet! It’s mess free and makes it so comfortable when painting.

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